Causes of bumps in dogs
Non-cancerous and oncological types of bumps in dogs
Eczema Eczema is an inflammation of the superficial layer of the skin. It can be dry or weeping, focal (limited) or
DTP vaccination
Vaccination against tetanus 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) were adopted in
Dipentavak for dogs: instructions for use of the domestic drug
Contents 1. Varieties 2. General information about the drug 3. How to use the drug correctly 4.
Diphtheria vaccine bump: why does it appear, what symptoms are it accompanied by and how is it treated?
Features of the procedure The vaccination is a serum containing weakened live corynebacteria. One-time
Can I drink alcohol after Botox injections? NEOMED Clinic
Reasons why the place itches after an injection
Nobody likes injections. Even many adults feel uneasy at the sight of a needle with medicine.
Maine Coon kittens
Maine Coon diseases: Vaccinations, castration, childbirth
Charming giants of the cat world - Maine Coons - give the impression of animals with good health. But
Whooping cough: prevention and treatment
Whooping cough: prevention and treatment According to WHO, 500-600 people die from whooping cough every year in the world
For the first time since the general shortages that existed in the USSR, a queue lined up at GUM again. Everyone is wearing masks, maintaining social distance. Only now it has been formed by those who want to get vaccinated against coronavirus - in the main department store of the country, as well as in 22 other shopping centers of the capital, there are mobile vaccination points.
I want to and inject myself. What you need to know about immunity before and after vaccination
Does immunity decrease after vaccination? They say that after vaccination, immunity decreases. That is a common cold
What you need to know about infections during pregnancy?
Antibodies to measles virus IgG, Measles virus IgG quantity.
Infertility due to sexually transmitted infections is a problem, but it can be corrected with proper treatment. The disease may progress
Alcohol after antibiotics
What to do if you drink after an IV for binge drinking: tips that can save your life
Is it possible to drink alcohol with antibiotics? Almost all instructions for the use of antibacterial drugs
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